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Travel, tourism and the commute keep evolving

The global pandemic has upended the way we live and do business. As the effects continue to ripple on – impacting our economy, lifestyle habits and consumer behavior – the transportation industry must take bold new steps forward. To do so, you need a 360-degree view across the ecosystem to mitigate risks and seize opportunities. Our solutions offer new technologies for enhancing strategy, performance, consumer loyalty, and people development.


Build a sustainable future.

Sustainability is big news – and it’s growing. Consumers have sky-high expectations for large organizations to take responsibility for the environment. Both governments and businesses must tackle climate change; transportation, of course, lands near the top of their agenda. We’re engaging with clients, colleagues and sector pioneers to plot sustainable trends, revealing how and when we can meet these challenges together.


Enhance CX like never before.

Especially in times of crisis, companies must understand two things – the experience they’re giving to customers and employees, and how those desires are set to change. We can help you win customers back, improve care and wellbeing, and increase employee retention. The result? More revenue and better experiences, all powered by actionable insight.

Driving Success

Drive success with digital transformation.

Our world is increasingly interconnected. To thrive, you need robust technology and reliable data. We tackle digital transformation in several ways. From modernizing legacy systems and building cloud strategies to launching advanced analytics and governing data management, we tomorrow-proof your business. This allows you to cut costs, improve efficiency, refine the user experience, and strengthen internal processes or consumer touchpoints.

How We Help

Fuse Tech and Strategy

Innovation is revolutionizing the movement of people and goods. We place new technology in sync with your strategy and culture, optimizing every tool at your disposal. Decisions become smarter. Collaboration is easier. Customer engagement is far more meaningful.

Harness Big Data

Open the door to a far truer perspective on where your goals should lie and whether you’re reaching them. With Big Data, you can improve services for millions of customers. We assess the data landscape then deliver actionable, cross-enterprise solutions.

Workforce Transformation

Attracting and retaining talent is tough. However, our HR service delivery models can make all the difference. We’ll improve processes (and safety) while optimizing the team experience and engagement, and allowing the right talent to always be there.

Define Industry Strategy

Market shifts, regulatory trends, digitization, fresh customer habits and ridership challenges are just some of the issues at play within transportation today. We work across the C-Suite to predict what's next, guarding against disruption for government and private sectors.

Take Organizations from Roadmap to Results

Anticipating the future and planning for a range of possibilities is challenging. We use a proven Adaptive Strategy Development approach to help clients build strategic plans that are living blueprints, enabling rapid changes.

Design Operating Models

Whether they’re a direct result of the pandemic or just part of business-as-usual transformation, we bring operational and structural changes to life. As many workforces reduce (via early retirement, furlough and dismissal) or consolidate their functions, it’s important to learn from these experiences. Our team will support you to work more efficiently, effectively, and with fewer workforce costs.

We Serve Different Sectors

Transit and Ground Transportation

Government Transportation Agencies

Railroad and Truck Transportation

Tolling Authorities

Airports and Aviation

Shipping and Logistics

Our Work in Action

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Meet Our Experts

Chris McCarthy

Vice President and Global Transportation Lead

Chris has 25 years of experience in the transportation industry, working with the rail, transit, state and federal government, private industry, and international banks. Specific areas of his expertise include strategy development, project management, market analysis, financial planning, public policy, and international business and trade.

Mark Len

Associate Vice President

Mark is an Associate Vice President at North Highland. He is one of the firm’s Transportation Subject Matter Experts working across the firm's global transportation clients to shape and deliver transformation programmes. He advises clients on the structure of transformation programmes, bringing experience of transportation agencies from both the UK and US, delivering programmes from asset management transformation to fare and ticketing reform and experience of infrastructure operators, train operators, and rail sector bodies.

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