Agile Change: One Small Step for Agile Projects, One Giant Leap for Enterprise Agility

Why are Agile projects generally successful while enterprise agility is so arduous? This is because they are vastly different undertakings requiring wholly different approaches to change. A single Agile project can be executed in a way that minimizes the impact on business stakeholders outside of IT, while still benefiting customers. You can get started at the Agile project level by adapting proven change management methods to iterative Agile practices.

Scaling to enterprise agility, in contrast, will inevitably defy your organization’s existing rules, traditions, and practices. A thorough and deliberate cultural transformation is required for the new operating model to work. The most successful transformations involve proactive and incremental steps that shift how decisions are made and how leaders lead.

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  • Enterprise Project Challenges and Agility Challenges
  • Nailing the People Side on an Agile Project or Program
  • Succeeding at Developing Enterprise Agility