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Made for Change

Made for Change: Your Next, and Last, Business Imperative

Vision to Value, Realized
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Vision to Value, Realized

Changemakers - The Operating Model and Org. Strategy Edition

Changemakers: The Operating Model & Organizational Strategy Edition

Changemakers: The Data and Technology Edition

Changemakers: The Data and Technology Edition

Changemakers: The People Edition

Changemakers: The People Edition

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2022: 30 Things You Need To Know

Next Vantage

Are businesses like yours prepared to respond and adapt to what’s next? We wanted to find out. So, we surveyed business leaders at U.S. and U.K.-based companies across industries.​

While we found that flexibility is a top priority, many leaders lack a clear picture of how flexibility will show up across the end-to-end transformation journey—from defining and aligning on a vision, to delivering initiatives and measuring results. ​

​Sustaining flexibility calls for a new vantage point: one that approaches the business as a connected ecosystem of people, processes, technologies, and data that works together to adapt, little and often.​

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