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Enabling Transformation through Capacity, Capability, and Community

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Powering the path

Powering your path to enterprise evolution with people.

Change is rapidly becoming business as usual, compounded by factors such as customer experience differentiation, ease of access to cloud-based technology solutions, new competitor threats, and cost reduction imperatives. The ability to successfully execute on these changes, accentuated by the need for always-on transformation, is mission critical.

Delivering Value

Delivering value with Managed Services.

We optimize high-functioning teams by bolstering performance and driving sustainable business results beyond that of typical staffing solutions, while reducing costs associated with traditional consulting services. We serve as a critical extension of your management team, working hand-in-hand to cultivate the talent needed to execute your mission-critical initiatives and help you keep pace with the accelerated rate of change.

How We Help

Bolstering Capacity

To help you keep pace with the resource challenges brought by continuous transformation, we attract and retain a pool of best-in-market talent to meet anticipated resource demand.

Instilling Capability

We enable you to develop your internal capabilities and evolve them. This encompasses the leadership, tools, processes, and deep domain expertise critical to evolving ways of working, fostering agility, and reducing risk for the long-haul.

Fostering Community

Our emphasis on community-building creates a sense of belonging, strengthens engagement, and connects the workforce to your mission. 


North Highland is the glue that holds our strategic programs together.

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Jim Arnold

Jim Arnold

Managing Director and President, Managed Services

Jim currently serves as Managing Director and President of Managed Services at North Highland. He has extensive experience in management consulting with specific areas of expertise include strategy and advisory, strategic planning, management consulting operations, process improvement, merchandising, assortment planning, budgeting and forecasting, store operations and product development. 

Tony Doocey

Tony Doocey

Managing Director, Managed Services

Tony Doocey has spent the last 30 years leading the transformative changes required to thrive in today’s market. Across technology, sales, customer experience, and people and change management, Tony has helped companies design and execute transformation programs that reshape infrastructures and operating models to meet future business needs. 

Scott Rainey

Scott Rainey

Vice President, Process and Business Analysis Practice

Scott has 21 years of consulting experience in the public sector with an emphasis in assisting organizations through complex projects covering the lifecycle spectrum from idea to reality to achieve the highest degree of service. Scott works directly with executives in the state and local government.

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